The legendary South West sound-system and creative artists collective are back celebrating another year at Glastonbury.

It’s not everywhere that you’d find a Trinidadian percussionist alongside a south London grime MC and a troupe of Welsh can-can dancers, but then not everywhere is Babylon Uprising.

Nestled in the heart of C market, Babylon Uprising is one of the secret jewels of the festival, a place to move your body, whether it be to some classic heavy daytime dubs, or partying until sunrise to the speaker rattling sounds of underground global rave music.

In the spirit of Glastonbury Festivals drive to reduce waste and recycle, the staging and set up is always hand crafted by the crew from up-cycled ‘junk’ that’s otherwise destined for landfill. After sailing their final voyage at the last festival in the famous Babylon boat, the SS Caroline; 2019 see’s a completely new set production that is fit for the times in which we live – an apocalypse ready pirate radio military garrison.

Musically the Babylon family are proud to showcase homegrown and upcoming DJs and producers, alongside the industries leading and most ingenious artists. We’ve been honoured to host some of the worlds most amazing acts over the years, and what makes it even more remarkable is that not one of them has ever been paid to play, or even had a ticket in exchange for performing, so you are assured that whoever you see smashing the dance floor is simply doing it for the love of sharing their craft, with passion, fire and grace.

Independent from day, Babylon Uprising is 100% non-profit and 100% strictly non-commercial. So we wanna send praise and love to all those who contribute their time, their energy and their art to making one of the best parties ever – all done just for the love, each and every time. So don’t be a stranger – come and join the dance, tell a friend to tell friend and be a part of one of the most positive and innovative raving experiences of our time.

Ravers unite in the struggle – Defend the Uprising